Swissmem unites the Swiss mechanical and electrical engineering industry and associated technology-oriented sectors and counts over 1000 company-members. More than 90% of those are SMEs.

The ability to compete internationally is not a matter of course – it must be worked on. A location able to compete is the basis of success. The commitment of Swissmem applies to Switzerland, the context for work and thought, for this reason.  
Continuous basic work has made Swissmem into a centre of strategic commercial and employer skills. This allows us to represent the concerns of the sector to politicians, national and international organizations, representatives of employees and the public. 
Apart from this, Swissmem offers to the companies numerous practice-oriented services, which help them to maintain their ability to compete and to meet new challenges successfully.  
The commitment of Swissmem has a long tradition and is based on the activities of the ASM and VSM associations. The VSM was renamed as Swissmem and took over all the activities of the ASM, apart from those in connection with the overall employment agreement of the sector, at the start of 2007. 

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