Bühler AG

Spaghetti al Nonno, the delicious loaf from the village bakery, the chocolate that melts on your tongue and the beverage that slakes your thirst, the reading of your daily newspaper while you sip a cup of fragrant coffee: Bühler is right in the middle of many things you experience in your everyday life.

Bühler is synonymous with innovation and technology and is the global market leader in food processing, chemical process engineering, and die casting. Every year, we offer young talents from universities the opportunity to make a decisive contribution to shaping our wide portfolio of process technologies and products. Up-and-coming young talents from technical as well as business disciplines will find our organization the ideal place to start their solid, thrilling, and international professional careers.

Therefore Büh­ler is interesting for HSG students:

The sustainable success of Bühler is based on our international initiative "Best People". We Der nach­hal­ti­ge Er­folg von Büh­ler führt über un­se­re in­ter­na­tio­na­le In­itia­ti­ve „Best Peop­le“. We stand for the recruitement and development of personalities, who are ready to overachieve with passion, actual knowledge, practical skills, team spirit and a pinch of modesty.

Career opportunities at Büh­ler:

  • Internships
  • Bachelor- and Master essay
  • Direct entry

Contact for application and more information:

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