6. Annual Event

6. Annual Event

Dear Industrial Club Member

This year’s Annual Event will take place at the Einstein Congress Center in St. Gallen on Monday, October 3 and starts at 6:45pm. After a panel discussion on the topic “Mobility 2.0 – how will technology and society transform our current understanding of mobility?” our traditional Apéro Riche will provide a great opportunity to network with IC members and HSG alumni, deepen the discussion with our experts or just fade-out the evening in a nice setting. The panel discussion will start at 7.15pm.

Autonomous driving, connected cars and e-Mobility – these are only the most important of numerous areas shaping the future of mobility during the next years. Although technological progress seems to be clearly paving the way for a major paradigm shift, various other aspects raise controversial discussions regarding the future of mobility.

Among other questions, the panel discussion will address the potential of technological progress, the impact on our daily life and changes in the current market structure.

The panelists are Mr. Frank M. Rinderknecht (Founder & CEO of Rinspeed), Mr. Remo Lütolf (Managing Director ABB Schweiz) and Mr. Mathias Bürki (PHD Candidate of ETH Zürich in autonomous driving). The panel is moderated by Mr. Peter Fuss (Partner EY Frankfurt).

We are looking forward to an exciting evening. 

Your Industrial Club

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