Stay tuned on the events of the Industrial Club at the University of St. Gallen. Find below our events for the spring semester 2017. New events are continuisly published - make sure you don't miss them. The application process is, since very recently, possible on our website - click through our events.

We are looking forward to your participation at one of our events.

GTI - Networking & Information about studies
6. Annual Event
HSG Industrial Day
Werkbesichtigung Sulzer Mixpac AG
Unternehmensbesichtigung SWISS
Coca Cola Werksbesichtigung
Unternehmensbesichtigung Georg Fischer mit Schaffhauser Verein
IC Rotation Dinner 2017
Simon-Kucher Workshop - Marktzugang für ein Blockbuster Präparat (Pharmaindustrie)
Brauerei GTI
Start Get Together
Annual Event
Siemens Werksbesichtigung mit Workshop
Save the Date - Roche Event in Basel
Save the Date - Partner Panel an der HSG
Save the Date - Fondueplausch im Restaurant Gschwend